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Hot Selling Products

We supply various eBike motors and eBike kits to meet with your requirements. Take a peek at some of our hot selling products which you may be interested in.

Geared, Max Torque: 70/90N.M. Suitable For Mountain Bikes, Beach Bikes, Tour Bikes & Trike Bikes.

Geared, Max Torque: 90/100N.M. Suitable For Fat Bikes, Cargo Bikes & Trike Bikes.

Geared, 350W ~ 1200W,Suitable For Fat Bikes

Electric Fat Bikes, Electric Beach Bikes, Electric Mountain Bikes etc.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality & Professional

We are from Suzhou China, near Shanghai. Our company specializes in supplying high quality electric bikes, motors and eBikes Kits and electric bikes. Warmly welcome all customers to work together to make great win-win achievements.

The Process Flow

Please note the final cost depends on the customized specifications you require. 
Let’s take an example of booking a container of products to help to get a general idea about the process.

Step 1: Customization communications (1-3 days)

We discuss and finalize the customized details together according to our customers’ requirements, including the product specifications etc. After customized details are confirmed, the sample order will be confirmed.

Step 2: Samples (7-14 days)

After sample order confirmed, the sampling will be on the progress.
Not like bulk order, sampling will be handled by our R&D team.
It takes around 10 working days for regular sample.

Step 3: Contract and Payment ( 2 days)

This step will include contract signing for bulk order.
Contracts will ensure interests of both the buyer and seller.

Step4: Bulk Producing (30 Days)

After sample confirmed, we will start bulk order production once payment received. This step include purchasing raw material and parts with suppliers, mass production and testing etc…
It takes around 30 days days depending on the chain supply and production schedule.

Step5: Shipping (10 Days pre-booking)

As per customer’s request, we will arrange the shipping after goods finished. Usually the vessel will be needed to be pre-booked 10 days in advance.Air transporation can be available as per customer’s need..

We are a company specializing in supplying electric bikes, eBike Motors and eBike Conversion Kits.  Our company is located in Suzhou, near Shanghai, China. With 30 years experience in motor field and over 10 years experience in ebikes, our experts will support you the best motor and electric bike solution.

Yes, welcome to order samples for evaluation.

Before mass production, we will make a pre-production sample for you to evaluate. And we will always do field inspection during production and the final inspection before shipment.

Yes, we support orders of mixed models based on MOQ.

Yes, we support products with customers’ logo or brand as long as the quantity reaches MOQ.

Different items have different warranties. Please contact us directly to check the warranty policy of the products you need.

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We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have.

Our Happy Clients!

“I’m very happy working with ZEICH team. From inquiries through internet to formal orders, ZEICH takes care of every specific detail. I do not have to worry about anything. “
Ron Smith
“A very efficient team. With quick responses, ZEICH team explains things with facts without hiding. I like work with them.”
Lily Foxx
“Considerable and thoughtful. ZEICH can always consider things from clients’ interests and give me good recommendations. Doing business with ZEICH can save a lot of time.”
Jeson Burnwood

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